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Your goal as a business is to satisfy what customers want and need. Google’s mission is the same; every time it updates its algorithms, the main intent is to make sure users are getting what they look for online. Already, you’re on the same page as the world’s most recognizable search engine, which can only mean that your website’s ranking well. But what if it isn't, what can you do. Here are a few tips.


If your position on the SERPs isn’t as high up as you need it to be, your website’s content might not be doing its job. Google ranks websites according to several factors, one of which is the relevance, value, and authority of your content.

As a digital marketing company in Virginia, we know the challenges that businesses face when it comes to ranking on search engines. Our goal is to increase your visibility online so that your target customers don’t have to go through the proverbial haystack.

As such, the starting point of moving up the ranks is creating content that will intrigue, entice, and delight your potential customers.

Here’s how to improve your web content:

The first set of words your users see is the headline. In writing the headline, bear in mind that your audience has the attention span shorter than that of a goldfish. So it has to instantly capture their interest. And meet the following criteria:

  • It has to be clear and concise – A title needs to be direct and informative. Make sure your heading is clear and descriptive. If your readers find it confusing, they’ll click away.
  • It has to be relevant – Make sure that what you’re writing is what your potential customers need and want to know.
  • It has to appeal to the emotions – Identify the pain points of your target market and apply these to your headlines. Remember that most people often take action (e.g., subscribe, inquire, or buy) based on emotion.

Your clear, relevant, and appealing headlines captivate; the rest of the content sustains attention long enough for your site visitors to turn into customers.

You can easily guide visitors through the sales funnel with each piece of content by using authentic images, keeping your information current, and using language that is simple and easy to read.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Your brand’s unique and interesting story will set you apart from the competition. When you choose to tell a story instead of push to sell, your products and services will come to life. You’ll be able to connect with your website visitors and entice them to convert.

Your website content has the power to persuade users to return. Content is as critical as the design because it improves user experience (UX), and UX is one of the key ranking factors.

Satisfy your users, and you will satisfy search engines with your web content.

Your Digital Marketing Partner

At Alkries LLC, we focus on making your website the best it can be. Our team of specialists works to improve recognition for your brand and with it, your ranking on search engines.

As your online marketing partner, we put your best interests first. Schedule an appointment with us today and let’s work on growing your business online.

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Matthew King is the owner of Alkries LLC and partner at TR King Insurance Marketing LLC. When he's not building links, growing organic traffic, developing internet marketing strategies and measuring positive returns on investments for clients, he likes to spend time with his wife playing video games and going on walks.

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