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A Definitive Guide to Choosing a Reliable SEO Agency

A Definitive Guide to Choosing a Reliable SEO Agency

The world is no longer at the cusp of a digital revolution: we're now living in it. Digital content and the Internet are now part of our everyday lives, from entertainment media we consume to our methods of shopping. Such facts should influence your decisions as a business owner.

I-Want-to-Buy Moments Statistics (from Think With Google)


Users that visit a​​​​​ retailer website or app before buying.


Users that do a general online search to buy.


Users that do a mobile search before buying.


Users whose buying decisions are influenced by a relevant search.

Here's another fact to ponder upon: more businesses are doing online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). If you belong to a competitive industry here in Virginia (e.g., retail, food, consumer goods manufacturing, home services), chances are many of your competitors have already started their marketing campaigns.

So, if everyone is doing it, how will you stand out?

Here's a straightforward answer: through your SEO company.

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Marry Your SEO and Content Strategy (4 Ways To Improve The Way You Write Content)

Improve the Way You Write Content and Get the Results You Need

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are the titans of modern marketing. Oddly enough, they aren’t in the same conversation as often as they should be.

And when they are, digital marketers seem to adopt an adversarial mentality and headline their articles with SEO vs. Content Marketing. The Guardian was one of the news coverage sites that described how Google had tired of its “old friend SEO,” and was “making friends” with content marketing instead, describing it as the new kid in town.

Smart digital marketers know that this isn’t how it works, though. While all channels have their special roles to play, the best strategies are those that integrate different digital marketing channels to achieve the same goal.
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How to Identify Your Target Market (And Why You Should Do It)

The Why’s and How’s of Identifying Target Markets

Alkries LLC always says the same thing to clients who want to gain a foothold in their respective industries and later carve out a share of the market: they should identify their target markets.

A target market is a segment of your audience that shows a high level of interest in your products and services. It’s a group of people with shared characteristics or traits that make them your business’s ideal customers. Your business’s target markets are people whom you think will use, enjoy, and benefit from your products and services the most. Target markets don’t have to be current customers, but they have a high potential of becoming loyal patrons of your products and services.

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Website Optimization (A Simple Four Step Guide)

A Comprehensive Four-Step Guide to Website Optimization

Website optimization is like getting an off-the-rack suit tailored. With the right nips and tucks, a modestly priced suit can look like a million bucks and attract all the attention. The same goes for your website. You may have to hem your web design and taper the content to capture the attention of your audience online.

Like suit alterations, web optimization depends on the needs of your clients (or potential ones) and requires crucial steps so you can achieve a perfect fit. While we’re not experts on suits, we know a thing or two about search engine optimization (SEO) and how it can help your website attract visitors and potential clients.

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4 Ways to Create Calls-to-Action that Make Your Audience Click Fast

4 Ways to Create Calls-to-Action that Make Your Audience Click Fast

What is the most important part of a website? It depends on who you’re asking. If you ask content creators, they’d say it’s content. If you talk to SEOs, they might agree, but only if the content is keyword-optimized. Web developers, meanwhile, might say website design or user interface is the most important.

Others could get more specific and point out particular parts and pages of the website, like above the fold or the homepage. But how do you combine all four aspects to deliver the results you want from your website, high quality leads and paying customers.

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Google’s Latest Broad Core Search Algorithm Update

Google’s Latest Broad Core Search Algorithm Update

Google started off August by rolling out major updates to its search algorithm. As an SEO company in VA, this came as no surprise to us, knowing that the search giant does updates between 200 to 500 times per year. But when the dust settled mid-August, what we thought was minor, routine maintenance turned out to be a broad core algorithm update.

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How To Improve Website Content

What Will Improve Your Website Content?

Your goal as a business is to satisfy what customers want and need. Google’s mission is the same; every time it updates its algorithms, the main intent is to make sure users are getting what they look for online. Already, you’re on the same page as the world’s most recognizable search engine, which can only mean that your website’s ranking well. But what if it isn't, what can you do. Here are a few tips.

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How to Get Qualified Leads via Free Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Conversion Through Conversation: How to Get Qualified Leads via Free Facebook Messenger Chatbots

If you’ve been paying enough attention to what’s going on in the digital sphere, you would’ve already heard about the growing opportunities in Facebook marketing. Over the past couple of years, the social network has made several breakthroughs on the business side of its clientele. Our social experts at Alkries LLC invite you to explore these exciting developments.

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sales and marketing

Is Your Sales and Marketing Team Working Together In The Digital Age

With rapid advances in data, technology, and digital marketing, the buyer’s journey from awareness to sale has become shorter. In just a few clicks online, buyers can order products or hire services. But while today’s digital age provides growing opportunities for businesses of all sizes, many still struggle to do so. Often, it is only a matter of bridging their sales and marketing gaps in the digital arena.

Sales and marketing are two of the main pillars of every business. They are the salt and pepper of the growing business recipe: too much of one and too little of the other will result in disaster.

If you want to transform your small or mid-sized business into a powerhouse company, you need to find the perfect combination of your business’ salt and pepper. The best way to do that is to bridge the gap between them.

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