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The One-Page Launch Traffic & Funnel Channels Cheatsheet

V2 Step 8 - Launch Traffic & Funnel Channels Cheatsheet
  • Increase traffic by 30% per month.
  • Know exactly what traffic channel(s) to focus on first to get the most leads & sales.
  • Set a plan to perpetually grow traffic into an omnipresence online.
  • Get a proven step-by-step process & system to walk you to an additional 10K in revenue per month in 90 days with less frustration, tech & marketing overwhelm.

We Help Service Business Owners Get More Traffic & Rankings with Managed SEO Services

Our Managed SEO Services transform your website traffic from a slow drip to a powerful surge in 90 days without stress & overwhelm.

Get 30% more targeted traffic & ranked keywords to your site or local business with less frustration in 90 days.

How Managed SEO Services Work.

Below is the 9-step process & path we take to ensure you'll receive impeccable SEO services.

Managed SEO Services Roadmap

SEO Services process guide 

Three simple stages to get more targeted traffic & ranked keywords for your business using Managed SEO Services.


Foundation - The first phase is gathering the necessary information from you about your goals, conducting thorough research, & an audit to build a SEO audit report.


Strategy - In the second phase, we will create a roadmap for both SEO efforts & content for your project using data-backed research. We will then refine the SEO & content roadmap based on your feedback to ensure the campaign meets your expectations.


Execute - The final phase is delivering content, measuring the work done & results of the campaign with your SEO manager on a recurring basis.

What clients say about our SEO services...

What's possible with Managed SEO Services?

Guest Posting Services

Get high-quality, in-content guest post links on authority sites to boost your rankings! Backlinks are important for SEO, but guest posting can be difficult and time-consuming. We take the link-building work off your plate. You get organic leads for your website without having to stress over getting them yourself.

Curated Link Services

Grow your site’s authority, organic traffic, and reach, with done-for-you curated link campaigns. Curated Links are a type of link building where a link to your website is added to an already published article or blog post. We do this to get backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites, which will improve search engine rankings.

Contextual Link Building

Get in-content links from custom made mini-authority properties. Great for building foundational links to your site & improving site rankings. Quality content is important, but a huge way to show your site’s value to Google is to have a lot of high quality backlinks pointing to your site. We’ll do the link outreach and get backlinks for you.

Press Release Link Building

Get a press release professionally written and distributed to 30,000+ journalists as well as the Associated Press, resulting in hundreds of links from real news sites. A Press Release is a great way to get the news out about your business and get high quality backlinks at the same time!

What do you get with SEO Services?

Below is what is included in your monthly SEO marketing campaign.

  • Industry expert writers for your niche to develop your SEO-optimized content & climb rankings.
  • A outreach specialist will be assigned to your link-building campaign to connect on your behalf & work on your project until a link is attained no matter the time and effort needed.
  • A dedicated SEO manager to help develop your SEO & link-building campaign.
  • You have unlimited revisions to get your content just right.
  • A detailed SEO & link-building report on the work completed, how to use your content, & where to access the content.


Getting Started & Pricing

How to start?

We'll talk about your audience, past SEO & link-building efforts, & goals for the SEO campaign.

Can I use this service locally, nationally, or internationally?

Yes, you can use this service for local, regional, national, or international businesses. The campaign will be customized to fit your business and service area.

What's the price?

We work with a monthly budget of at least $1,500/mo+ to customize a solution to get results.

What do I get with Managed SEO?

We'll create a personalized plan for your monthly budget, including website aduits, backlink building, and content creation. You can customize it to meet your goals.

Will you do a website audit & research?

Yes, we will run an audit on your website to uncover opportunities and easy wins. We will also conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and industry research.

Does this service include technical or on-page SEO?

We provide on-page optimization for the following if deemed necessary:

  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
    and H1 (Headers)
  • Web copy optimization

What we won't provide is the following:

  • Web Development & Design
  • Schema Setup or Sitemaps
  • User Interface or User Experience Changes
  • Etc.

What if I don't want content creation?

Link building and content creation are key for successful SEO. Hire a content creator or focus on providing guidance to your current one to boost organic traffic. Google values valuable content, so make sure to marry link building with content creation.

Are there niches/anchors/keywords you DO NOT accept?

Yes, they are the following:

  • Geo-based keywords.
  • Adult, pharma, or "gray" niches.
  • Sexual orientation based niches.
  • Casino / Gambling niches.
  • Firearm-related niches.
  • Foreign keywords (non-English)
  • Politics and International News

How is your service different from other Guest Posting services?

Unlike others that simply post on a blogging network they own to get you a backlink. We do not use a blog network. All guest post are manually reached out to and are real sites.

How is your service different from other SEO services?

Unlike other providers, we have a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days (most do not give refunds).

Additionally, you'll get the following:

  • A dedicated SEO expert to help manage and monitor your campaign.
  • Strategy sessions to go over reports, brainstorm, get updates, and discuss the "big picture" of your business.
  • A high-level of transparency and real-time reporting.

Should I run a SEO campaign or a PPC campaign?

Using both PPC and SEO can be beneficial. Combining the immediate results from PPC with the long-term momentum that SEO can provide can increase your chances of being seen by potential customers. For example, a potential customer may find your website through SEO but forget about it. Seeing a PPC ad can remind them to come back and make a purchase.

WIll I be able to review & approve the content?

Yes, you'll be sent a draft for approval via email. If you feel we've got it just right, you can tap the approval button.

If you want to make small edits, you can simply hit the edit content button, then save those edits, then approve it.

If you'd like to make major changes, hit the reject button, provide us feedback in the feedback box and we'll make revisions.

Afterwards, we'll send the draft to you again for your review. You can do this as many times as necessary until the article is just right.

Content AI*** No. We’ve automated the process to ensure quick TAT and a lower cost. If you are seeking more editorial control over your content, then you'll want fully human written content.

Tell me more about each service

Guest Posting Services

The process of filtering and vetting through thousands of relevant websites for your niche. Then reaching out to the vetted list of websites to promote an idea for content. If the owner of that site agrees, then we write quality content to secure you a powerful backlink for your website.

Outreach is typically the longest and most painstaking part of this process and the most daunting for most business owners. Never worry about having to hire for outreach or do it yourself ever again.

Curated Link Services

You give us the page on your site and the text you’d like it to be linked to. That’s it! We do all the outreach to sites with existing relevant content to add your link to. The content we’re adding your links to already exists, and has previously been indexed by Google, these links tend to re-index faster and have established authority.

Contextual Link Building

A mini-authority property is created on a platform, content is created, then published with your desired anchor text and link to the target URLs. This is often the longest part of this process as the content needs to be polished and relevant for search engines (not readers).

This allows you to take control of the links and the text used keeping your backlink profile healthy.

Press Release Link Building

We'll take your business, event, product announcement and write a high-quality press release and then distribute it. If you've already have a press release you're happy with, we can simply distribute it for you to hundreds of news outlets.

Get high-quality, diverse, authoritative, and white-hat links to your website. This brings your business authority, trust and credibility.

Blog Writing

Highly relevant, researched, professionally written content for your blog designed to delight your readers and increase your website traffic.

Webpage Copywriting
The process of crafting website content that is fresh, relevant, attracts your target audience, builds value and trust for your business, and convinces your visitors to buy. In addition, your content is optimized to rank well in search engines! This service can be used for the following page types: home, about, service, & category pages.

Product Description Writing

The process of creating unique descriptions for your products on your online store that is optimized for SEO, maximized to rank, and designed to bring traffic to your product or site. We will still need your product page, at least one product image, the product name, and anything else you feel would be relevant.

Content AI

Google has changed its mind about AI-generated content a few times in the past year, we believe the safest and most long-term effective way to reap its benefits is to use AI as a jumping off point to create content quickly that’s still overseen and managed by humans.

REsults & Deliverables

What is the average turnaround-time?

Typically you can expect within 30 days - 45 days for turnaround time depending on the SEO strategy & link building campaign, as long as we have all the information needed to start.

Will you upload the content for me?

No. But, we do make it easy for you to copy and paste the content to transfer it over to your chosen platform.

Are there any e-commerce websites you CAN'T write product descriptions for?

No. We can write product descriptions for your website, Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Alibaba, Craigslist, Etsy, Rakuten, Newegg, Bonanza, eBid, Overstock, and Zappos; just to name a few.

How many revisions do I get in the writing stage?
Unlimited! We will revise the written content until you are happy with it. However, once your order has moved onto the design stage, we cannot make changes to the written content.

How long does it takes for backlinks to show up?

The answer is, it can vary, based on how long it takes for Google's crawlers (or other tools) to find the new backlink. Typically, we see links indexed within 3 weeks, but some can take up to 90 days.

How long will it take to get to page 1 or see positive results?

The short answer, it depends. Typically at least six months.

The long answer: There are several factors in play, your niche, your budget size, previous SEO work, competitors, etc. So, the answer really is it varies from customer to customer.

Are all links do-follow & white hat?
Most links will be do-follow
, however, we do not own the publishing sites. So, some may be no-follow. The main goal is to get your content to new readers. All links are obtained through white-hat methods.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority or DA for short is a scale from 1 - 100. The scale rates the likeliness of a website ranking in search engines. The higher the rating the better.

What is Domain Rating (DR)?

Domain Rating is essentially the same concept but determined by SEO software Ahrefs rather than SEO software Moz. It is more focused on the pure strength of the backlink profile. We have clients who prefer one to the other, so that’s why we offer both!

Is Domain Authority, Domain Rating, or Website Traffic better to focus on?

The short answer: It's personal preference and how you prefer to measure linking quality.

The long answer: Typically a website that has a good DA or DR rate, gets a good amount of traffic and a website that gets a good amount of traffic has a good DA or DR rate.

Does this mean I will get traffic from the guest post?
No. The website the guest post is on may receive traffic but it doesn't mean the audience will click through all the way to your website.

Can I use the news outlet logos on my website for social proof?

Absolutely! We encourage you to add them to your website. We can send you a few via email if you request. Others, you'll have to get on your own.

Can I link to the news outlets that picked up my press release to show proof?

Yes, we recommend that you do this as it shows even more social proof and gives you credibility.

Are all links to my press release tagged with a canonical tag?

During outreach, we encourage publisher to link back to the original content with a rel=canonical tag. However, we can't say all publishers will follow that recommendation.

How will I know when the work is completed?

You will get a detailed report via email of all work completed and the next steps for you to accomplish.

Who is this service for?

Service business owners looking to increase traffic & keyword rankings for their website to grow leads & sales.

Please note this is only for you if you're the type of person who:

  1. You're willing to invest in your business & commit to 3 months for the long-term growth.
  2. You're actively seeking support now & hold yourself & team accountable.
  3. You're already seeing success in your business & have consistent sales.

Service Business 10K Revenue Roadmap

The Service Business 10K Revenue Roadmap is a unique Coaching Program that helps service business owners, business consultants, and service freelancers add 10K in monthly revenue in 90 days without the need to become marketing experts.

Service Business 10K Revenue Roadmap