2400% Increase In Monthly Organic Traffic For E-Commerce Business (SEO Case Study)

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In this SEO case study, you will learn how our unique approach to SEO provided a 2400% increase in monthly organic traffic for an E-commerce business, from 100 to 2500 organic monthly visitors.

Every campaign is treated with a custom and unique approach, so that we learn the ins and outs of that business, then an advanced SEO strategy is implemented.

Keep reading to see the results.


Disclaimer: The client has asked to remain anonymous. So we will not mention any names in this article. 

Background of The Online E-Commerce Store

The online store sells products that range in costs between $50 - $300 dollars each. The site was relying heavily on paid traffic and getting about 100 visitors a month in organic traffic. 

This online store became a customer in mid-2017, and requested to expand their online presence, increase orders, and increase upsells. The company did a pretty good job with on-page optimization of its website, but needed help with targeting keywords, producing high-quality content, and building links.

We recommended our Managed SEO service to them to get all of these services in a dedicated campaign.

In-Depth Discovery & SEO Audit of Online E-Commerce Store

Through in-depth discovery, we found some product meta descriptions that needed adjustments to enhance the rich text for search, and we annotated which products brought them the highest profit margin.

Every campaign starts with a comprehensive audit of their website to know the opportunities that are there and anything that could prevent them from ranking.

After a thorough review, there were no indicators of anything that would hold them back from ranking. The website just needed a focused campaign on increasing their keywords, organic traffic, backlinks, and quality content.

Keyword Research - Identifying The Opportunities (Easy Wins) For E-Commerce Store

Once we've completed the audit and in-depth discovery, we begin helping our client by looking for all the keywords they are already ranking for in positions 4 - 30 (meaning below the top 3 ranking positions to the third page on search engine results). 

These are good targets because we can usually boost them up to see quicker traffic wins. We learned that the online e-commerce store had 76 potential target keywords, mostly bottom of page 1 through page 3, all with costs-per-click between $0.60 and $2.50.

These URLs were a mix of product pages, category pages, and blog content. We worked with the customer to select high priority keywords (money making keywords) for quick boosts!

Outlining Their Competitive Gap Analysis

The competitive gap analysis is designed to help you find keywords that your competitors are ranking for that you currently are not. (This is website traffic that isn't coming to you!)

We look at the following items as well:

  • Is there anything your competitor is doing well?
  • How is their content?
  • Is there anything we can do better to beat them?

This is a crucial step as it always helps generate new keywords that you can target with content. E-commerce is a bit different than other sites with the content gap analysis. When you run it, you often get a ton of product names that you may not sell.

We worked closely with the client on these and picked targets together to make sure we're targeting keywords related to products our customer has in their inventory.

After all these questions were answered and the keywords were picked, we found over 70+ keywords we could write killer articles about!

The SEO Campaign Strategy & Execution For An E-Commerce Online Store

Now we're prepared to launch the customized SEO campaign; our strategy focuses on some immediate improvements we recommended for their website. In addition to that, we started with some link building and developing high-quality blogs.

For the first 3 months, our strategy looked like this:

Ahrefs Organic Traffic Growth

The organic traffic started to improve as a result:

Ahrefs Organic Traffic Growth Ecommerce

The Future Months and Going Forward

Now that the first three months focused on building up high-quality and long-form blog content, we were able to pivot and focus more on methodical link building and getting these articles ranked to bring relevant traffic to the online store.

The campaign looked like this:

We adjust campaigns every month, depending on the client's needs, the SEO results, and research.

Regularly posting articles is an excellent approach for letting Google know you're an authority in your niche and worth your keyword rankings and traffic. Building white hat and high quality backlinks to your website is the most powerful way to rank your website.

In addition, adding valuable content every month gave the online store's visitors reasons to come back over and over again.

Ahrefs Organic Keyword Growth

By following this strategy, we saw Google begin ranking the online store for several keywords and here is the result:

Ahrefs Organic Keyword Growth

The Takeaways & Conclusion For An E-Commerce SEO Campaign

The reasons this e-commerce online store experienced success was:

  • They committed to a plan of action every single month.
  • Relevant and resourceful content was crafted to show the site as an authority in their niche and allowed them to rank for valuable keywords.
  • Supporting their content with proper backlinking enabled them to bring in relevant organic traffic and increases to that traffic every month.
  • Recommended internal linking to product pages helped readers become customers by increasing their conversion ratios.
  • Signing up for a Managed SEO Service helped neatly package everything they needed in one campaign.

Through patience and a consistent effort, every month, to build their online presence, the SEO strategy was able to gain the traction needed to grow their organic traffic to 2500 a month!

SEO does not happen overnight, and needs a consistent effort for six to nine months to see positive results. Some places may take longer to experience positive results. It depends on several variables, such as budget, site speed, web core vitals, and other ranking factors.

About the author

Matthew King is the owner of Alkries LLC and partner at TR King Insurance Marketing LLC. When he's not building links, growing organic traffic, developing internet marketing strategies and measuring positive returns on investments for clients, he likes to spend time with his wife playing video games and going on walks.

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