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Not many business owners have the time to manage the social media accounts of their brands, much less know how to create and publish posts on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you need someone to take care of the social media aspects of your business, Alkries LLC has your back. When you take advantage of our social media management and marketing services in Hollins, Roanoke, Virginia, we handle your accounts, so you can focus more of your time and energy on running your business.

Social Media and How It Influences a Consumer's Purchasing Decision

While social networks in Virginia began as a platform for people to share photos with family and friends, it has created much more impact, especially for companies. Social influencers, for instance, can persuade consumers to choose a product or service from a particular company. Social media brand interactions also affect the buying decision of a customer. The way a business engages its followers can spell the difference between a positive and negative review.

Maintaining an active presence on social media, therefore, is a priority. Your business could open opportunities to promote your brand at a minimal cost. If you craft a well-written post on Facebook, for example, you could reach hundreds of followers without costing a penny. You could boost that post for as little as $20 to easily reach a thousand more users.

Many Companies Are Using Social Media; You Should, Too

Your business is missing out if it doesn’t use social media. According to a survey by eMarketer, a market research firm providing trends and insights related to digital marketing, 88 percent of companies are using social media for marketing purposes.

​By not taking advantage of this opportunity, you're forgoing these great benefits:

  • A better understanding of your audience - Social media marketing is an effective tool in helping you learn more about your audience. By reading your follower’s status updates and tweets, you get insights into their consumer behaviors, which you can use to craft better content or more compelling posts.
  • Improve brand loyalty - A Texas Tech University report revealed that brands have more loyal customers when they have active social media profiles. When your business regularly engages users on social media, you’re building connections and taking the time to provide useful info to your followers. This shows that you value users as actual people and not just a source of revenue.
  • Opportunity to improve customer service - Social media gives you the chance to step up your customer service game and deliver instant gratification to your target audience.

Leverage the power of social media and use it to promote your products, services, or brand effectively. Contact Alkries LLC to schedule a consultation.

Unbeatable Plan and Actionable Social Media Marketing Data

Social Media Marketing in Hollins Virginia

Your business can benefit from a well-planned social media campaign — and we understand this better than anyone. Strategies, however, are only as good as the specialists who plan and execute them.

With Alkries LLC, you can get the most value for your marketing investment. Our social media specialists in Hollins, Roanoke are shrewd professionals who create organic and paid social media campaigns based on research. 

Each campaign we manage begins with a plan. And to make that plan objective and reasonable, we gather actionable data. We do this by coordinating with you and your marketing team. We study your industry, observe your competitors, and customize our tried and tested tactics to match your needs.

Trust our marketing experts to build a strategy based on your branding goals and customer demographics. We also base our plan on which platform best suits your business. This way, we can maximize your advertising funds and ensure that every penny goes towards reaching your target demographics.

Our services for you include the following:

Social Management.

You no longer have to split time between running a business and managing all your social accounts. Our VA social media team does the latter on your behalf. We manage all aspects of your strategy across all of your social accounts. Let us focus on audience engagement so you can spend your time more profitably running your business.

Targeted Social Ads.

Grow your business’ social presence by running ads that target the right people. Our experts will help you reach customers based on the following metrics: gender, age, location, consumer behaviors, and personal interests.

Monthly Reporting.

Transparency matters to us. Each month, we update you on the current progress of your campaigns through reports. We base results on indicators, such as engagement, impressions, new customer leads, clicks, and exposure.

A Stronger Social Presence for Your Business

More businesses are hopping aboard the social media train every day. Think about it: You’re here because you’re considering marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media channels. There’s a good chance your competitors are also doing the same; some might have even had a head-start.

If you’ve already created an account for your business on your social media platform of choice, then you’re on the right track. But simply having these accounts won’t cut it. What you need to do is maximize your profiles to reap the full benefits of social media marketing.

Evaluate how active your business is on social media: How many times in a week do you log-in to business’s profiles? Do you even have time to update them, respond to messages, and engage with your followers? Do you know how to customize paid social media ads? If your answers leave much to be desired, then it’s time to hire professional social media managers. 

Our social media management team in Virginia will optimize your existing accounts and use them to reach out to your target audiences. We will also enhance the way you engage with your customers. This way, your image will improve, and your customers will know to trust you. By establishing your credibility, your followers will like, share, and spread the word about your business on their own.

Invest in our services and give your business more opportunities to increase brand engagement. Your competitors who are already promoting on social media will keep having an advantage over your business the longer you delay. With our help, you become customer-trusted brand ambassadors.

Influence your target market’s decision by leveraging the power of social media. Look no further than Alkries LLC. You’ll find no better social media marketing team in Hollins, Virginia.

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