Press Release Service

Be featured on hundreds of news websites. Get your business and news out there today! Starting as low as - $300 per press release.


Get industry expert writers for your niche to write your content.

Press Release Manager

Dedicated support staff to help develop your press release strategy.

SEO Optimized Content

Each PR article is meticulously crafted to bring in more traffic.

Unlimited Revisions

Get your press release perfect, topic and content exactly like you want it.

Transparent Reporting

Easy to read report. See all sites that picked up your press release and more.

The Streamlined Way To Get YOUR BUSINESS Out There With Press Release Services

If you've ever tried to get the news out about your business with press releases or by reaching out to journalists. You know, it's a difficult task. Instead of dealing with all the mayhem of navigating the PR industry, have it done for you.

We'll take your business, event, product announcement and write a high-quality press release and then distribute it. If you've already have a press release you're happy with, we can simply distribute it for you to hundreds of news outlets. 

Get high-quality, diverse, authoritative, and white-hat links to your website. This brings your business authority, trust and credibility.

How Press Release Service Is Done For Your Business

Once a in-depth discovery has been completed on your business and you've provided the information we need to create a press release article. We'll reach out to tons of journalists at major media outlets and more. 

Your brand awareness and publicity will be boosted by each distribution channel that picks up your story giving you exposure across a wide array of news publications. We'll keep distributing and reaching out to journalist until we have 100+ news websites. Some news outlets may mention your business in both digital and print media.

You'll get high-authority backlinks ranging from domain authority 10 - 90+, gaining extremely trustworthy votes for YOUR BUSINESS.

How The Press Release Service Works In Four Steps


Tell Us About Your Business

Go through in-depth discovery with our team to develop a high-level of understanding about your business and your needs. For example, we'll discuss your industry, target market, and goals for the project.


Tell Us Your Press Release Details

What would you like your press release to be about? Give us a subject, keywords, URLs, and any other special instructions you'd like to pass along.


Launching Your Press Release Campaign

Once you've given us all the details, we'll begin writing the content. After the content has been completed, gone through quality assurance, and been reviewed and approved by you, we'll distribute it.


Get A Press Release Service Report

When all tasks have been completed. You'll get a report via email that tells the number of news outlets that picked up your press release and links to news websites.

How Customers Feel About Our Press Release Services...

Understands My Specific Needs

Matt and his team understand the needs of my startup business area and are able to accommodate my specific requirements. The work is always top-notch and Alkries LLC goes beyond my expectations to understand what is important to me. I recommend him to my family and friends!

Highly Recommended For Your Project!

Matthew and his team have been extremely helpful in completing my project and dream. He is highly recommended in my book and kept in communication with me, is well organized and patient.

What You Get With Press Release Services

Professionally Crafted Press Release

Industry expert writers for your business and press release.

SEO Optimized Content

Meticulously crafted press release article to bring you more organic traffic.

Quick Turnaround-Time

The average turnaround time is 2 - 3 weeks. Of course, this varies on when the final approval from you is received.

Press Release Manager

Dedicated support for developing your press release strategy.

Unlimited Revisions

Adjust your content as many times as you need until it's right for you and your target market.

Transparent Reporting

A detailed report on the number of media outlets that picked up your story and links to those post will be included.

No Risk For You To Try Press Release Services.

See the value in 30 days or get your money back.

See the value that we provide with data driven results and metrics risk free for 30 days. If you don't like what you see, get your money back, no questions asked. Why am I able to offer this to you? Because you won't need to use it!

Ready to Get Started?

Frequently Asked Questions About Press Release Services

What information do you need to get started?

We will go through discovery to get a high-level understanding of your business and your needs. For instance, we'll discuss your industry, target market, and goals for the project.

What are Press Release Services?

Your business, product release, or event turned into a high-quality press release article and then sent to high-quality news distribution channels that pick up your article. 

Do I have to include a phone number and address with my press release?

No. you can include just a city and state, or say "nationwide" or "worldwide". It is recommended to include someway to contact you.

Are there any content specifications I should be aware of?

Yes. The specifications are the following:

Headline – 80 characters maximum
Subheadline – 200 characters maximum
Body – 700 word maximum

Can I use the news outlet logos on my website for social proof?

Absolutely! We encourage you to add them to your website. We can send you a few via email if  you request. Others, you'll have to get on your own.

Are all links do-follow and white hat?

Most links will be do-follow, however, we do not own the publishing sites. So, some may be no-follow. The main goal is to get your content to new readers.

How will I know when the work is completed?

Once all tasks have been completed and placement confirmed. You'll get a report via email. In the report will be the total number of news websites that picked up your press release. Links will also be included.

Who is this service for?

Those looking to increase their business's credibility, diversify your backlink profile, and gain high DA links from news outlets.

Are there topics and niches not allowed?

Yes. The following are topics and niches that will be rejected:

  • Alcohol
  • All diet systems
  • Cryptocurrency of any kind
  • Escorts, or anything sexual in nature, including supplements and dating sites
  • E-cigs, vaping, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia or any supplements
  • Gambling
  • Illegal/”grey area” content like unlocking an iPhone, hacks, cracks and other illegal means to bypass a game’s restrictions.
  • Impotence / ED, STDs
  • Legal issues/litigation
  • Marijuana related topics including dispensaries, glassware, THC, etc.
  • Medical procedure topics
  • MLM
  • Mortgage, pay day, cash, short
  • term or long-term loans
  • Radical or political opinions / views
  • Radical religious opinions / views
  • Sports involving weapons (ex. hunting)
  • Tobacco & Vaping
  • Weapons
  • Will I be able to review and approve the press release?

    Yes, you'll be sent a draft for approval via email. If you feel we've got it just right, you can hit the tap the approval button.

    If you want to make small edits, you can simply hit the edit content button, then save those edits, then approve it.

    If you'd like to make major changes, hit the reject article button, provide us feedback in the feedback box and we'll make revisions.

    Afterwards, we'll send the draft to you again for your review. You can do this as many times as necessary until the press release is just right.

    Are these press releases optimized for SEO?

    Yes. An SEO expert will review the content and optimize it after it's been written before it's sent to you for review.

    What is the turnaround-time?

    Typically, 2 - 3 weeks from creation to distribution. However, this will vary depending on when we get the final approval from you.

    Can I link to the news outlets that picked up my press release to show proof?

    Yes, we recommend that you do this as it shows even more social proof and gives you credibility.

    Are all links to my press release tagged with a canonical tag?

    During outreach, we encourage publisher to link back to the original content with a rel=canonical tag. However, we can't say all publishers will follow that recommendation.

    Want To Speak With A Representative?

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