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Google Ads Bid Strategies

5 Google Ads Bid Strategies You Must Know Today — And Tips on Choosing the Best One

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising should be your go-to strategy if you want to get instant leads online. It is also a cost-effective technique as you only have to pay every time a user clicks your ad. But if you want to get the most out of your advertising budget, you need to learn how to bid more strategically.

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9 Tactics to Launch a High-Converting Google Ads Campaign in 2018

Google has elevated from a brand to a verb. That is because, now, when people have questions, they go online and “Google it.” As a search engine, Google handles over five billion searches per day. Among those are searches for products, services, or solutions that your business can offer.

If you can help searchers find answers, even if it is through an advertisement, they are more likely to choose you than your competitors online. As such, it is valuable to invest in Google Ads today.

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Google Launches Google Marketing Platform | Alkries LLC

Google Merges Ad Technology with Data in Google Marketing Platform

Data is a driver of business success, and no business can expect to earn revenue without smart marketing. The two, therefore, go hand-in-hand, though there had been no platform to unify them in the online marketing front. That is, until recently. Google saw this lack and acted on it. Last June 27, the world’s largest search engine launched Google Marketing Platform.

Alkries LLC welcomes this development as it promises to improve our Pay-Per-Click services. It simplifies our work by streamlining data gathering and analysis, and this, in turn, enables us to design more cost-effective campaigns.

Whether you’re a client already profiting from PPC or a prospective advertiser, you gain an advantage if you know how Google Marketing Platform works. Read on to learn more.

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